SKB pop up 2U tall power supply panel

Now in stock and accepting orders! – updated 8/30/05

I have been asked on many occasions to start producing power supply panels
for the SKB pop-up mixer case. I have finally made this project a reality.  I have
done everything I can to keep the price reasonable.

So, here is the result of my efforts to produce something to fit your needs.  I have
decided to include an optional 4x4 multiple.  I figure anyone in a SKB case is trying
to economize space using my power supply mounting.  So, why not free up another
1U panel and include the mults?

The finished product also includes a second Stooge bracket with is inverted and
mounts with the power supply which provides touch shielding to the top of the
transformer and electromagnetic shielding to reduce any induction from the power
transformer to the modules (or mults above).

This panel is designed to remount all of the components normally included in the
MOTM-900 power supply kit. I used the MOTM-900 kit to build this one so I would
know exactly what you needed to do the same. I used all of the MOTM-900 wiring
and as much of the hardware as possible.  The extra hardware needed will be
included with your panel. I offer this 19” rack mount power supply panel in
five packages:

1. Panel and hardware with all the holes set up to simply fasten the MOTM-900
power supply to the panel. Construction is such that all the MOTM wiring works
and you use most of the screws that come with the MOTM power supply. The
extra hardware I send includes a modified stooge bracket to mount the PCB
and all the extra screws, spacers and nuts needed that do not come with the
standard 900 power supply kit: $49.00


2. Same as 1, plus all 16 holes drilled for the mults and the white connecting
lines painted: $69.00


3. Same as 2, plus all the multiple jacks are included, installed and wired: $119.00


4. Same as 3, plus customer sends me the power supply and I mount and wire

your power supply also:  $139.00


5. Same as 4, but I buy the power supply from Paul and include that in the

price.  $289.00 for MOTM-900 or $299 for MOTM-950


Although I refer always to the MOTM-900 power supply, this panel fits the
MOTM-950 power supply equally well.


If you are buying a MOTM-900 or 950 power supply kit from Paul with the intention
of mounting behind my 2U 19” panel, tell Paul and he will knock $10 off the power
supply price and omit the normal 3U panel.


New - Some of you have expressed interest in having a panel for a power supply
you already own. Now, I could not possibly custom cut panels to fit whatever switch
you happen to have. So, I am providing the same options as above (1 through 4)

for those of you that already have a power supply you want to mount behind a panel
to fit your SKB case. This panel is fitted with a standard AC connector, a 3AG size

fuse holder and a nice looking rocker switch.


All you have to do is add your power supply and go. Of course, you will need to

Drill the mounting holes for the power supply.  Or, I will drill them, but you have to

be VERY specific about where.  I will also include the bracket for mounting the
distribution PCB.  But, I have to position that based on the size of your power
supply. So, once again, measurements are critical.


Here is what the generic panel for various power supplies looks like:


Assuming all will fit with your power supply, you can have the multiples
added just as with the 900/950 compatible panel.


Prices are the same as 1 through 4 above. However, if your distribution PCB
is a 960 or 990, you have to add $4 since it takes two brackets to mount one
of those big boys.


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