Analog Heaven Midwest - 2001

Here are some photos from the Analog Heaven Midwest 2001 gathering. Click on the
thumbnails for the real photos:

Andrew Scheidler
(our host)

Andrew Rocks !

Andrew’s Xpander

Andrew’s dead 2600

Larry Hendry’s
MOTM rack

Todd Faulkner

Cary Roberts & Tony
Clark, Tony’s CS-60

Steve Hanlon at
Tony Clark’s Korg

Mike Crooker Rocks

Mike, king of synth
toys, play a style-a-
phone ??

Mike’s still rockin’

Where does he get
all these little boxes?

Mike’s table-o-toys

Tony Clark’s CS-60

Larry Kleinke & friend

Larry Kleinke’s toys

Larry K. Rocks !

Larry K. is into it !

Ron West and Larry
K. with a table full of
every beat gadget
known to man

Ron West prepares
Todd contemplates
Larry H’s MOTM...
Mike’s Moogs and
Andromeda !

Mike Crooker’s
SH-3, CS-01 and

A "strange" group !

Tony Clark’s

Mike Crooker lays
out the toys

Mike’s Roland 100

Mike C and
Tony Clark

Mike Crooker and
Andrew Scheidler

Ron West,
Steve Hanlon &
Cary Roberts

Ron and Steve

Steve Hanlon Rocks

Mike C. looks over Mike Crooker’s toys

Mike C. plays his
MiniMoog (and he is
good at it !)

Mike C. plays
Tony’s Korg Trident

Mike’s MiniMoog

Mike’s MemoryMoog

Tony’s Korg Trident
Mk 2 – sweet synth

Mike’s Source
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