Analog Heaven Midwest - 2002

Here are some photos from the Analog Heaven Midwest 2002 gathering.
Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos:

Mark Morton and Tony Clark with Mark’s recently acquired Roland system 700 – VERY nice. Tony’s modular is in the background.

This is a very clean instrument for its age. And, Tony Clark has the performance up to spec. I know Mark will enjoy this a lot.

Here is a close up of the right wing cabinet.

And, here is the left wing cabinet.

What? Buchla 400 by Kimball? Now here is a real one-of-a-kind treat owned by Chris Strecker

Wow! Here is a partial with the back removed. The boards are stacked in there tightly.


Here is ½ the back removed hanging by the cables. Dig that Kimball nameplate.

Of course, Chris and Tony Clark had to pull out a few of the PCBs to see what’s what.

Here are the controls up close

Another view of the beast.

What the Hell? You will have to ask Chris.

Harry and Tony looking at and discussing Tony’s SMD DIY handiwork. Tony’s young eyes are better than mine.

When we said "string ‘em up" I am not sure this is what we meant for Harry.

Patrick brought this Yamaha SK-30. I never made it over to play it. But, I know in addition to the synth, these have a very nice Hammond emulation for their time.

Here are the center cabinets. I must say that is one very nice sequencer. All the features!

In Tony’s modular rack, we find his very sweet DIY modules. These are most unusual DIY projects as the components are all SMD.

Tony also has one of very few Fenix modulars that were made. While it is not truly modular in construction, it certainly is in architecture.

Tony also has two rack rows of Modcan modular. Here is the first.

Mark and Brandon seem very pensive about something. Andrew’s get the camera going.

Here is part of Andrew’s rig. That’s a Korg Wavestation.

The prodigy continues to be one of Andrew’s favorite toys

As does that Oberheim Xpander.

Patrick and  Mike Crooker look over Mike’s incredible table-o-toys.

Where does he get all these things? Mike must be e-bays biggest customer

Here are just a few of the goodies Mike brought along this year. He probably belongs in the "worlds record" book for the largest collection of cool little stuff.

You just never know what Mike will bring.

And, here is the second.

I’m not sure what Tony was looking at when I took this photo. But, like the rest of us, he is having a good time. 

Here is a photo of my Jupiter 6 (which will soon get it’s Europa upgrade installed) and part of my MOTM system in it’s new walnut case. Purdy, ain’t it? I have 2 more to add to this currently under construction. The Moog 55 look is the general direction I am headed.

I think he is getting set up for a performance.

I’m not sure who owns this stuff. Mark or Brandon I assume. A very clean Memorymoog and some strange silver boxes <snicker>


And lastly, A contrast between old and new. The Chroma expander and a Korg Triton. What is that Korg doing here? Should that not be at the "Digital Hell" gathering?

I know I missed a few pieces of gear and people with my photos. Scott Rider (old crow) and Daryl both avoided by camera somehow. Daryl and Patrick both had significant others with them of whom I got no photos. Next year, I am going to get a group shot. J

Here is the rest of my MOTM system. With my new wood cabinets, I will soon be able to ditch the rack.



Scott Rider (a.k.a. Old Crow) brought a couple of classics – Korg MS-20 and Sequential Circuits prophet 600. Somehow, I didn’t get a photo of Scott.

Theremin controlled synth rack. Say, Harry. Did you say that you have MIDI out from that Theremin (pitch to CV) controlled box? Wow!. I could use one of those.

Another Harry creation. You’ll have to ask the wild man himself !


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