Analog Heaven Midwest - 2004

Here are photos from the Analog Heaven Midwest 2004 gathering. This may have
been the biggest and best gathering. Certainly, this represented the largest gathering
of modular gear ever to make it.
Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos:

If you ever wanted to get your hands on a Serge, this was your chance.

Another view of Serge central with Brice and his Blacet rack behind.

Close up of panel # 1

Close up of panel # 2

Close up of panel # 3

Close up of panel # 4

David spends time with the Surge

Scott Pfeifer’s dot com system. His system is larger, but this is all that would fit in his car.

Scott brought his son Evan who enjoys playing with his dad’s modular. Or, did Evan bring his system and Scott?

Andrew is one of those guys lucky enough to have a 2600. It sits atop his growing Blacet

Andrew and Cary have been playing with Andrew’s toys. Cary gets the "traveled the most distance" award. He flew in from the San Francisco bay area

Tony Clark behind his CS-60 with Chuck and ?

Tony’s surface mount DIY creations. I love those home engraved panels Tony !!

The newest in Tony’s DIY line. This 8 step envelope generator is something like a UEG but on steroids.

And Tony is now the third and final owner of the only Modcan cabinets ever produced.

Here is my mostly MOTM system ready to make the trip. The top cabinet was on loan from Old Crow Scott Rider. I need more cabinet space.

Another view The holes in the system were for my 10 PROM Miniwave which was being worked on my Dark Star which was being calibrated and Dave Bradley’s Encore Frequency shifter.

My Blacet Dark Star gets test and calibration with "extenders."

The "other" Stooge Dave Bradley poses in front of my synth.

Some of the MOTM family. Stooge Larry, Old Crow, Stooge Moe, and Scott Pfeifer. Scott’s dot com system has MOTM components.

A popular guest at the show was the Stooge cable tree filled with Synth Tech logo and Wise Guy Synth brand cables.

Chuck McQuillan brought his MOTM gear and some old Aries he built from kits many years ago

Here’s Chuck with his MOTM and Aries systems.

Todd and Chuck. I think it must be getting late.

Mike Crooker over his table of interesting synth gadgets of all types.

Mike’s SK-1 which has clearly been bent to hell.

Grant and Matthew look onto Serge central while Brice and Bob discuss the PSIM-1 maybe?

Grant’s new multi axis joystick CV controller. Kewl !

Hey Gilligan… err, I mean Harry. Is there any doubt that Harry helped form the movement we sometimes call "the 60s?"

Grant says, "If you play drums with both feet, how come you don’t fall over?"

Here are the racks of stuff that makes the Harry sound. It includes the one of a kind Muffy.

Bob Drake brought an interesting collection of DIY, PAiA, & Blacet

Here is part of Bob’s set up. It includes Blacet, and some Cat Girl Synth and ??

Bob is still making good use of some old PAiA 4700 gear. Well, I think I see a few modifications.

Bob’s fatman in a DIY case. I did not play with it. But, I expect Bob has made a few modifications.

Sound Lab Mini-Synth based on Ray Wilson's design according to what I have been told.

Another of Bob’s self contained patchable synths. But, again, I know nothing about it.

Brice a.k.a. Mr. PSIM-1. Had any sleep buddy? That’s Michael Firman behind.

Brice’s rack of Blacet, Wiard, and of course PSIM-1.

I have to say that AH2004 was one of the most fun gatherings with so many of the
regulars showing up and so many new faces. As usual, there just was not enough
time to see everyone’s stuff and still show off my own. One thing is for certain –
I’ll be back next year. Thanks to our host Andrew Scheidler

I missed getting photos of everyone. So you can check out a few other links to photos
taken my others that were there.

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