MOTM compatible PCB mounting brackets – Updated 04/30/04

Stooge Industries, Inc. is happy to be your source for PCB mounting brackets. As
more and more circuits are constructed behind MOTM size format panels from Stooge
Industries and Schaeffer, the need for bracket variations increases. Therefore, I have
added 3 new parts to the bracket line. These modular brackets will accommodate
mounting by pots and/or jacks of any spacing. You assemble the bracket parts to
match your PCB mounting needs.

My original brackets are 100% compatible with the existing MOTM size format. These
brackets are available in 4 sizes. I try to always have them in stock. E-mail me for
availability. All brackets adhere to the MOTM pot spacing standard. Two brackets are
4 pots wide and two of the brackets are 3 pots wide. Each is available both short and

New ! - I often get asked , "Which bracket do I need for my (fill-in-the-blank) module?"
To assist everyone, I have started a new page with a list of which modular bracket is
best used for each module conversion. If you have additional data for the benefit of all,
I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I will add it to my list.

Here is the current list to help you with bracket size choice

Check out the photos:

Modular bracket parts

Four sizes are available

Concept drawing of bracket application - Can be used with pots ON or OFF the PCB.

Bracket with 822 PCB and switches rear view

Bracket with 822 PCB and switches front view

Drawing with bracket specifications - in case you want to "roll your own"

The long bracket is made to support conversions to the MOTM format from other
vendors PCB. PCBs like the Blacet Time Machine are much deeper than the standard
sized MOTM PCB.

The short bracket is drilled especially to fit MOTM size and the 822 PCB. E-mail me
Stooge Larry if you want to buy any. I sell them for $4 each plus postage. All brackets
are now made of stainless steel and do not require painting. Modular bracket parts
have their own prices. See modular bracket page for those prices.

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