Modular concept PCB mounting brackets – Updated 12/20/03

As more and more circuits are constructed behind MOTM size format panels
from Stooge Industries and Schaeffer, the need for bracket variations increases.
Therefore, I have added 3 new parts to the bracket line. These modular brackets
will accommodate mounting by pots and/or jacks of any spacing. You assemble
the bracket parts to match your PCB mounting needs.

The jack only brackets accommodate a range of spacing from 0.80 to 1.05 inches.
That does include both vertical and horizontal MOTM standard jack spacing.

The single pot bracket is identical to the pot hole cutouts in my 3 and 4 pot brackets.
It can be used in any pot location except the standard top pot position in the normal
MOTM grid. It is too wide for that.

Both brackets were made to be used one of two way. They can be used as stand-
alone brackets to add small PCBs to existing modules behind a single pot or pair of
jacks. The can also be used (mix or match) to hold the flat plate. Connection can
be machine screws or pop rivets or perhaps even the PCB mounting screws. No
holes are added in the PCB portion of the bracket since each application will require
some user fitting and light drilling. Like my other panels, these are 22 gauge
stainless steel which is very strong and requires no painting.

Now, PCBs that are jack only can be mounted with 2 jack only brackets and one flat
plate. Or, modules with off-MOTM-grid spacing can be mounted with 2 one-pot
brackets, or one of each type. Here are a couple of photos showing how the CGS
dual ASR module was constructed using two jack only brackets and a flat plate.

Lastly, the prices: My metal supplier has changed pricing structure. These small
brackets cost more than my big 4 pot brackets. I cannot explain it. ….Sigh….
However, I am lowering my margin on these to sell them for less. And, for those
that choose to purchase the flat plates with their brackets, you get a "3 Stooges
discount" of $1.50 on a purchase of 3 (mix or match the small brackets).

Modular jack only bracket ---- $3.50 (when purchased w/o flat plate)
Modular one pot bracket ------ $3.50 (when purchased w/o flat plate)
Modular PCB flat plate -------- $3.00 (when purchased separately)
Combination of any 2 brackets and one flat plate $8.50 (includes $1.50 discount).

For example, if you order 7 jack only brackets, 4 one-pot brackets, and 5 flat plates,
your price is:

5 – 3 Stooge combos @ $8.50 - $42.50
1 – jack only bracket separate ---- $ 3.50

When you order, simply specify the quantity of each you prefer. The "3 Stooges"
discount will be automatically applied to your invoice.

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