MOTM cabinet kits page – updated 09/13/05

NEW !  As of today, I am no longer accepting orders for cabinet kits. I am
discontinuing the Stooge walnut cabinets and will not be making any more
past delivering to those people currently on the waiting list.


Here are the prices new for my 24U wide cabinets kits:

1 row tall straight cabinet --------- $225 plus shipping.
2 row tall straight cabinet ---------- $350 plus shipping.
2 row tall slant cabinet ------------ $375 plus shipping.

These prices are based on the standard cabinet design. All cabinets will be walnut.
I have no plans to offer any other woods. Several of you have asked for dimensions
I am using to build your own cabinets. So, I have the following information for you.

PDF file with hand drawn dimensions
Photo of slant cabinet back
Photo of slant cabinet front
Photo of slant cabinet jack clearance detail

Shipping cost of these has proven to be reasonable. I use UPS for all orders in the
USA and US Postal for all orders out of the country. These options provide the best
rates. Inside the USA, you can expect shipping to be $30 to $50 per cabinet, depending
on how far you are from Indiana.  The cost for shipping cabinets to Europe has been
about $135 to $150 for 10 day air parcel delivery.

In addition to the shipping cost, there is a packaging cost.  These cabinets are packed
so that even UPS cannot ruin them. The box is lined with ¼” plywood. Inside the plywood
are at least one layer of empty boxes to provide crush space.  The wood itself is wrapped
in at least 4 layers of U-line air shipping  bubble wrap.  This packing material cost $35
per cabinet.

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