MOTM cables – another quality Stooge product – Updated 04/17/05

As in the past, I offer two types of cables. The cables featured on this page are the
Synthesis Technology logo cables featuring translucent cable in a variety of colors.
These cable are available with only high quality ¼” phone plugs.

For those that prefer a solid color or need a 3.5 mm (1/8”) connector, I also offer my
Wise Guy Synth cables.
Click here for information on these alternate solid color cables
in both 3.5mm and ¼" format.

Official "Synthesis Technology" logo branded cables are available for special
order. These cables feature a quality Precision C280 ¼" phone plug which is
identical in size to the popular Switchcraft 280 (see comparison below). The cable
is a cool looking, quality cable made especially for Rapco and not otherwise available
for sale. The center conductor is 20 gauge (not 24 like cheaper cable) and features a
full braided shield rated at 95% coverage. Those stats place this cable in the upper
end of the performance range.

Yes, I could have used an even better cable. Yes, I could have used the expensive
Switchcraft 280 connectors. However, you would have paid a LOT more money for the
finished product. This combination offers excellent performance at a reasonable price.

Here are the photos of some sample cables and direct comparisons.
Click on the thumbnails for large photos:

Here red cable showing the cable end and the synth tech logo.

Blue looks nice too.

The yellow cable actually has a bit of a gold look.

Go Green

Heck, might as well see all the colors..

Here is a close-up of the red cable. I love the translucent look to the jacket. It has a sparkle as you see the shield though the jacket.

Here is an outside comparison of the Precision C280 connector and the popular Switchcraft 280. The size is identical. The finish on the Precision connector is nicer.

Here is the purple color. All of the color selections are vivid like these without having that neon appearance. Black is… well, just black.

Here is the all important inside comparison. These connectors are almost identical in their construction.

Here is a close-up of the connector as they appear with the heatshrink on the outside. Stooge buying power lets me specify our cables with shrink inside or outside the barrel.

Looking from the end, we
see the most significant difference. The solid tip retaining cap is superior on the Precision in my opinion.

Several of you had questions about the new cable flexibility and the droop to be expected compared to other cables. So, starting from the front to the back, here is what you are looking at: 1 = green Hosa cheap cable; 2 = magenta Stooge cable (Rapco) with heat shrink removed; 3 = Wacky Kovacy cable (many of you have these); 4 = Stooge cable (alternate supplier) This is the Belden professional 90% spiral wrap instrument cable; 5 = Purple Stooge cable (Rapco) heat shrink on outside. So, as you can see, the cable appears to have little to do with the droop among the good cables. It appears that how much heat shrink and how it is applied is a larger factor in droop. ALL of these cables are VERY flexible. The heat shrink length on your cables will be only as long as needed for coverage and logo. You CAN order you heatshrink inside or outside.

Here is what the cable logo looks like. Dark colors will get white print, light colors will get black print.

Normally, I will not be keeping these cables in stock. It seems that everyone has their own
different strategy for cable color, heat shrink color coding, and such. I could not possibly stock
the right combination of color and length to suit anyone. And, the mark-up I am placing on the
cables is far less than a normal retail profit for this kind of product.

The great news is you can choose you own length, your own cable color, and your own
heatshrink. All cables will be branded on the heatshrink with the official Synthesis
Technology logo. Paul Schreiber is paying for the logo printing on everyone’s cables.
Please note that prices have increased approximately 30 cents due to an increase from the
supplier of the C280 connectors.

Cable color choices:
Black (brownish)
Non-translucent black

Heatshrink choices:
Orange not available

Cable length choices &
the associated price:
1 foot = $ 5.65
2 foot = $ 5.80
3 foot = $ 6.00
4 foot = $ 6.25
5 foot = $ 6.45
6 foot = $ 6.70

Prices do not include
shipping to you.

You specify the length, cable color, heat shrink color, and quantity of each cable on the
order form. I will send you an invoice with the total including shipping. Unless you say
otherwise, heat shrink will be inside the barrel. If you prefer it on the outside, please
indicate so and I will have yours made that way.

While I have prices listed for 1 through 6 feet, you can order any length you please.
Cables over 6 feet in length will be the price of a 6 foot cable plus 30 cents for each
additional foot of cable.  For example, 10 foot cables are $6.70 + (4x0.30) = $7.90

Here is the order form. The MS Excel sheet will calculate your cable cost as you
add in the cables you wish to order. Send your completed Excel sheet to me attached
to e-mail. Of course, you can always just send your order via e-mail. I will send you an
invoice for payment after I receive your order and calculate shipping. Delivery will be
quick. Last time, cables were delivered to me in about 3 weeks.

Right click and "save as" the order form:

Cable order form Excel version

Drop me an e-mail with your order or if you have any questions or concerns.
As always, thanks for flying with Stooge modular accessories.

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