Cat Girl Synth Parts Supplier Information page – New 01/14/03 !

This page is dedicated to the development of a list of specific catalog part numbers
for USA suppliers of parts needed for the construction of Ken Stones Cat Girl synth
modules. As kit builders are kind enough to share part number information with me,
I will make it available here for everyone. Please take a little of your time to mail
with the source and catalog numbers of parts you have located for your Cat Girl
modules. Or, send me a link to your website parts list and I will place that here.

Howard Ulyate has several parts lists at his website for Ken Stones Cat Girl Synth
modules. You can click on the links below irectly to those parts lists. Or, just give
whole site the once over. Thanks a lot Howard !

CGS ASR parts
CGS Digital Noise parts
CGS Sub Ocs parts
CGS Super Psycho LFO
CGS Psych LFO parts
CGS V8 Simulator parts
CGS Wave Multiplier


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