Larry’s DIY project page – updated 04/30/04

This page is about DIY (do it yourself) synth modules and other stuff. After building
many successful kits, I decided to strike out on my own and build a few circuits of my
own design. It seem lately I have been distracted by many mechanical issues. I have
spent much more time with cabinets, bracket, rails, SKB parts and such than on any
circuits. Now, none of this is rocket science. I am not qualified to design a great VCO
or filter. Besides, none are better than MOTM, so I just buy those. Instead, I am
concentrating on utility type modules and making accessories available that are not
already made by someone else.

For information on my projects check the links below:

MOTM modules fit well in cabinet
SKB pop-up case style 2U high power supply prototype
Power supply wiring issue
822 dual channel octave / semitone voltage switch – No longer available
831 triple channel interval voltage switch – No longer available
822 and 831 builders and users FAQ
822 and 831 user feedback
Custom MOTM format PCB mounting brackets
Beautiful Black Walnut cabinets with my Magic Bus
The Magic Bus
Custom silk screened panels – at Dave Bradley’s Hot Rod MOTM site

A project I contributed to the MOTM line in conjunction with Paul Schreiber is:
Universal pedal interface My original prototype was sent to Paul who had some
great ideas to make it better with additional features like GATE out and MIX in.

Some other projects I plan to work on are:
1 - A vacuum tube pre-amp with "soft-knee" overdrive. If you have any ideas for that
project, drop me an e-mail.
2 - A ribbon controller - This is not going to be some snazzy microprocessor based beast. If you want something like that, get the Kurzweil MIDI thing. This will be simple
analog voltage stuff with lots of cool features.

Please contact me Larry Hendry if you have any questions about these projects.

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