DSM-1 owner’s manual page – New 02/17/02

The DSM-1 owners manual has now been scanned and painstakingly edited into
a PDF format document 104 pages long. It is available for you to
download here
free of charge. This free-of-charge version is 1200 X 1650 resolution (2.2 MB).

For those that want to save the download time, I also have the following DSM-1
accessories for sale:

Printed version of the manual ------------------------------------------------------- $15.00 US
The printed manual is normal 8 ˝ x 11 size with laminated front and back covers
and a spiral binding so the book will lay flat (unlike the original manual).

DSM-1 rescue CD ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $10.00 US

The Rescue CD contains:

ALL of the DSM-1 and DSS-1 disk images at wise guy synth at the time of purchase.

The entire DSM-1 manual in PDF and original BMP scans. As a bonus, the manual on the CD is four times the resolution of the one available for download (2400 x 3300 resolution). These print very nicely.

Also you will find the popular utilities CopyQM and Sample-editor for your DSM-1. CopyQM is a DOS program. Both DOS and Windows version of the Sample-editor are included.

Prices do NOT include shipping. USA shipping add $5 for US Postal Priority. Overseas shipping by quote. All orders are pre-pay only. Contact me for details.
I can accept your credit card via the Paypal system.

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