DSS-1 & DSM-1 Sampling Synthesizer page – Updated 12/10/04

Welcome to my DSS-1 & DSM-1 resource page. The links below guide you to
pages dedicated to providing DSS-1 and DSM-1 users with the resources they
need to enjoy these wonderful instruments. You will find a large cache of DSS-1
and DSM-1 images for free download. I have also made available the only surviving
DSS-1 visual editor for PC. Yes, you heard right ! And, you will learn how to use
it to load WAV files into your DSS-1.

Without question, the most frequent question I get asked is how to convert the
DSS-1 image files found in various locations around the internet to floppies
that the DSS-1 can use. Copy QM is the tool. PLEASE read the CopyQM tutorial
before you write. You can also download the CopyQM software from that page.

Breaking news! – I have finally solved the problem of trying to find unformatted
DSDD disks to use with copy QM to make your DSS-1 library.  You can now use
ANY disk (even used) if you follow my instructions below.

Copy QM tutorial
DSS-1 disk library
DSM-1 disk library
DSS-1 Links
DSS-1 Owner’s manual - New!
DSM-1 Owner’s manual
Unformatted disk solution - New!

DSS-1 visual sample editor
DSM-1 replacement disk drives available
DSS-1 replacement disk drives available
Replacement power cords
DSS-1 program name extractor
Other DSS-1 / DSM-1 owners via e-mail
DSS-1ex SCSI port with expanded memory
Difference – DSS-1 & DSM-1 - New

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