DSS-1 & DSM-1 replacement power cords

This information was kindly provided by Lindsay "DJ K.A.O.S." Hammett

I have found a replacement for the DSS-1 power cord. It is made by HOSA. The power
cord is the HOSA PWC-178. The power cord is a 2 pin ungrounded cable. I plugged it in
and my DSS-1 powered up with no problem. From the info I found out that it is a
replacement for Korg and Roland style keyboards. This cable can be purchased at
various at on-line music stores. I just happen to purchase mine from
for 8.25 to shipping & handling. All in all the total was $13.37. Another location on the
web to purchase the power cord from is
www.midi-classics.com/ This is also where I found
my information on the PWC-178 at.

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