DSS-1 & DSM-1 Sampling Synthesizer differences – New 02/16/04

Many people e-mail me who are just now discovering these wonderful analog
synths with their sampling based waveform oscillators. Few people understand
the differences between the DSS-1 and DSM-1. Certainly, the DSM-1 is not a rack
mount version of the DSS-1. So, I have started a little list to highlight the differences
between the machines. Please feel free to e-mail me with additions or corrections to
this list. I compiled this list from the top of my head in an e-mail (once again) for
someone who asked and thought this might be a good time to just post the info.

Disk drive:
DSS-1 = DSDD 800K capacity when formatted.
DSM-1 = DSHD 1600K capacity when formatted.
So, the DSM-1 will read the DSS-1 disks. But, the DSS-1 cannot read DSM-1 disks.
Also samples saved on DSM-1 disks can be read into memory of the T1, T2ex, or
T3ex via the disk drive. The DSS-1 disks cannot.

DSS-1 = 512Kb 8 bit = effective sample size 256 K word 12 bit.
DSM-1 = 2Mb 8 bit = effective sample size 1024 K word 12 bit.
(much better on DSM-1)

DSS-1 = 2 (left and right).
DSM-1 = 17 (6 individual outs and one MIX out).
(better on DSM-1 but individual out assignment is odd)

Synth control:
DSS-1 = filter control includes "Q" or resonant peak setting.
DSM-1 = same filter, but the "Q" parameter is not connected.
(big DSM-1 weakness)

DSS-1 = 2 fully programmable digital delays. (fantastic)
DSM-1 = none (even bigger weakness of the DSM-1)

Harmonic Synthesis (allows you to use synth without any disks):
DSM-1 = more initial waves in ROM to pick from than DSS-1
DSS-1 = has "draw waveform" option not found on DSM-1
(I personally think that "draw waveform" is about useless)

DSS-1 = NO. Certainly you can have different sound samples on different keys, but all
go through the same synth processing. Same EG controlled VCF and VCA.
DSM-1 = Yes. The combination mode lets you be truly multitimbral up to 4 parts.
There is no combination mode on the DSS-1.
(this is a huge benefit to the DSM-1 compared to the DSS-1)

Synth structure:
DSS-1 = 16 wave osc > 8 VCF, 8VCA - both oscillator per voice selections run
through same VCF & VCA.
DSM-1 = 16 wave osc > 16 VCF, 16 VCA - you have only one oscillator per voice,
but you have 16 of everything. So, if you layer two Wave osc per voice for 8 voice
operation like the DSS-1, you get separate VCF and VCA for each osc.

Control panel:
DSS-1 = no trigger level and record level controls on panel – menu adjustable.
DSM-1 = these controls are on the front panel
DSS-1 = slider for parameter adjustment
DSM-1 = alpha wheel for parameter adjustment

Know of more differences? Please write.

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