DSS-1 Links page:

Here are a few links for DSS-1 resources. If you know of others that should be
included, just drop me an
E-mail and I will add them to my list.

Greytsounds.com - Still supporting the DSS-1 with disks after all these years.
Mention Wise Guy Synth and get a discount.

Route 66 Studios - The source for disk drives and manuals.

Cary Roberts retrosynth site - A nice disk image library

Christian Schroeder’s DSS-1 page - Image and links page. May have disk drives.

Nomad’s Synth page - Lots of links to images here

Sonicstate.com - Technical specs, links, and reviews

www.vintagesynth.com - Specs and audio samples - street pricing info is out of date

Spaztech – DSM-1 librarian and other goodies for Macintosh

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