DSS-1 owner’s manual page – New 11/13/04

It’s finally here! The DSS-1 owners manual is finally available in PDF format.

This manual is one big puppy. I have the original 313 page version before Korg
cut about 60 pages or so out of the later versions. You can download here a
1200 x 1550 resolution (4.6 Mb) of the manual in PDF format. Unless you want
to read only on line, right click and select "save target as."

Download DSS-1 owner’s manual

For those that want to save the download time. I also have available a DSS-1
rescue disk CD. The Rescue CD contains:

ALL of the DSS-1 disk images at wise guy synth at the time of purchase.

The entire DSS-1 manual in PDF and original BMP scans. As a bonus, the
manual on the CD is four times the resolution of the one available for download
(2400 x 3100 resolution). These print very nicely and are set up for front to back

Also you will find the popular utilities CopyQM and Sample-editor for your DSM-1.
CopyQM is a DOS program. Both DOS and Windows version of the Sample-editor
are included.

Or, if you want a paper copy on the manual, you can order that from Route 66 Studios.

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