DSS-1 Program name extracting program

One of the challenges of any sound library is organization so that you can find the
sounds you need at the time the musical inspiration to use them is upon you. The
text link below will download a very useful program written by Dirk Wieschermann
wischi@cityweb.de). This program will read your DSK image files (the ones you
saved using CopyQM) and extract the program names to a plain text file for you
to manipulate any way you choose. It will work its way through ALL of the files in
a particular directory exporting the names into a single text file.

The program needs no specific instructions. But, here is how it works. Download
and unzip the file using Winzip or similar. Extract the program into a separate directory
of your choice. Once you have the program running, use the upper right control window
to select the directory that contains your .dsk files (DSS-1 only. Does not appear to
work for DSM-1 files)
You will find a list of your .dsk images in the lower right box.
Click on any one to view the filenames in that image file. If you wish to extract the
names to a text file, simply click the "Export contents to ASCII" button. Be aware that
once you execute that command, the program will scan ALL image files in that directory
and assemble them all together in a simple and well organized .txt file. Then, you can
edit and manipulate that text file to your liking with your favorite word processor. If you
want to scan only selected files, you will need to temporarily move / copy them to a
separate directory. The program writes the list.txt file to the same directory location as
the disk image files.

Download file

Many thanks to Dirk Wieschermann for this useful routine for DSS-1 users. Here is an excerpt from the note he sent me with the program: "While I searched the web for some information about my KORG-DSS1 I found your page. This inspired me to write a little program which try's !!! to extract the program names from the disk images. In most cases the result will be ok. You can export the contents to an ASII file LIST.TXT which can be used with MS Word to print disk-labels."

Thanks Dirk. I am certain many people will enjoy this and appreciate your work.

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