MOTM rack rail end caps – Revised 01-31-02

If you mount your MOTM modules on Paul’s rack mount rails, you have no
doubt noticed (and possibly complained) that at each end of the rails, you
have an unsightly gap between modules and your rack. The solution for this
is called an "end cap." This cap fastens with the same screw that holds the
rack rail in position in the rack.

End caps are now a reality. The dimensions are 1/8" thick (to match the MOTM
panel thickness), 8.735 inches tall (to match MOTM module height) and 0.75
inches wide (to fill the gap).

End caps are now be available as follows:

1= Painted texture black to match MOTM modules. These will be a stock item. You
will always be able to order them for immediate delivery. Price is $6.25 each. Here’s
the photo:
Painted end cap in Larry Hendry’s rack NEW! Because of the NON-standard
nature of the "standard" rack spacing, I have had to change the way holes are put in the
end of end caps. Here is another photo that shows how the end cap holes will be cut in
the future
Slotted end cap holes The end of the slot will show (like it does on most rack
gear). But, I have no choice. I am finding variations in hole spacing of ¼ of an inch. That
is terrible! Very shortly I will be able to substitute these for those whose caps did not fit.

Shipping for these caps described above in 1 and 2 is:

$4.00 up to 20 end caps
$5.50 for 21 to 30 end caps
$7.00 for 31 to 40 end caps

2= Just like # 2 with the Synthesis Technology logo. Maybe you will want one of these
in your system, or one in each cabinet? They are designed to go on the left side. You
use a plain black one on the right.
Here is the mock up
Here is an interesting photo that proves you need more than one

The price is $12 each. These will be custom ordered just like Stooge panels. Plus,
I hope to keep a few in stock. And, they will be available for order each time we
run Stooge panels.

Shipping for these "logo" end caps will be a flat $4 for any quantity if they are shipped
separately. If they are shipped with other Stooge Panel products, there is no shipping
expense. The shipping will be covered by the $5 flat Stooge panel shipping fee.

All feedback and comments are welcome. 

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