822 and 831 users feedback

I just finished building a couple of 822s and wanted to say thanks for creating
these modules. You've done a great job and I know I'll be using them almost
daily. Construction was a no brainer thanks to your detailed instructions.
I have the 831 and now I need to get an 822 next. Very cool design Larry! Its quite fun and I love to easily switch one of two VCO's up or down and octave. Really adds "mooginess" to the MOTM. T.W.
Just this minute finished an 822, worked first time of course, I love it, a great product.
I will finish an 831 this week. I am really glad I ordered two of each.
Thanks for a great product, keep it up!
Just wanted to let you know my 822 rules! Thanx for doing this man!
Just finished calibrating the 822 with both methods [by ear and by voltage]. They are
both understandable and work fine. The audio calibration method is very easy, as I
found myself skipping the directions after doing step 1. I then tried the tuner and it is
the fastest way to set the "A" step and oct. I then used the DVM to set the B trimmers.
I'm impressed.
[ The 822 and 831 are ] both great modules – I found them to be much more useful than I originally anticipated. J.P.
I built Larry's voltage shifter which is a valuable addition to my rack and works like a charm. Support was very good when I thought that the thing wasn't working. M.M.
I've just finished building the two 822 modules I purchased from you. They work great!!!
I especially like the way they tweak up so accurately. Great design.
It was a very uneventful startup for each of the [822 and 831] modules! No sudden
puff's of smoke, no bright flashes of light! Best of all they work perfectly! I haven't
calibrated them...yet... But, I will tell you they are darn close! My hats off to you Larry
for a fine pair of fine modules you have created! Thank you for a design well done
I have built one 822 and it works fine. It is a really useful module to add to my modular,
and I will build the second one soon.

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