Harry Bissell’s Guitar Synth project – new 10/14/04

Here are schematic and PCB layout drawings of portions of Harry’s outstanding guitar
synth project. The remaining
text is from Harry. Please e-mail him with questions.

These are the schematics for "Muffy III" ... named as a combination of bigMUFF II
and mutron III. It is a hex fuzz with advanced envelope follower, lag / attack delay
circuit, Lowpass resonant VCF, and VCA.

One PCB is shown, there are two (identical) required. Each has the circuitry for
three strings.

Page1.gif is the voice schematic for ONE channel of the audio effect (Page2,
Page3 not shown)

Page4.gif is the common circuit and output mixing / effect selection

Not shown but included in my finished system... is an LFO and phase shift line
for vibrato and filter mod.

The latest version of the circuit includes a monophonic bass synth with low-note
or last-note priority, envelope follower with lag, Pitch CV, Gate, Trigger, and two
sawtooth-like pulses at the fundamental frequency and one octave down. The
schematic for this is NOT posted... I still have some PCBs for sale :^P If you are
interested you can e-mail me

H^) harry

Thanks Harry. You da man ! J

PCB layout
Schematic page 1
Schematic page 4

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