Blacet Klang Werk module page – New 01/07/03

The following links contain instructions and photos with detailed instructions for building
the Blacet Klang Werk kit in a conversion to MOTM format. Of course, you need a
MOTM look-alike Stooge panel for this. E-mail
me and I will tell you how to get them.
Please let me know if you find any errors of have any problems with these instructions.

Photo thumbnails (in case you just want to browse)

Assembly instructions – PDF (with all photos embedded) ~ 700K - New

Assembly instructions – HTML (photo hyper-links included) ~ 32K - New

Assembly instructions – MS Word (photo hyper-links included) ~ 64K - New

Assembly instructions – Text format ~ 29K - New

Klang Werk modifications

Coming soon: Klang Werk panel drilling tips

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