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Mostly you will find MOTM and other modular synth related links here. If you wish to
have your own link here or know of something or someone that should be included,
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Suppliers of MOTM friendly synth products

SynthTech – Home of MOTM Official home of MOTM. These modules are the core of my modular synth. Go here and buy MOTM synth modules. You will love them. Quality is first rate in every way. Go now. I mean it. J

Blacet Research These are some great modules that are popular with MOTMers. John makes some super products like the Time Machine, Dark Star, and the very popular Blacet / Wiard MiniWave. I own lots of this great stuff. Matthew Davidson’s site to buy cool EPROMs for your Miniwave. Moog size format modules sold completely assembled and tested for amazingly low prices for modular. Roger is a good guy and has many loyal customers. The original kit site for synthesizers. No one can squeeze more synth out of a buck than John Simonton. And, you won’t find a more helpful duo that John and Scott. I love my PAiA vocoder. Best bang for the buck out there!

Oakley Sound System – project page A source for MOTM friendly circuit boards, stuffed PCBs and completed modules. Tell Tony the Stooge sent you. Very customer oriented.

Encore Electronics Home of the MOTM format Universal Event Generator and new Frequency Shifter. - Home of Cat Girl Synth modules. Check out the cool stuff. The Wave Multiplier is a "must have module." Order one today.

Wiard Synthesizer Company - designer of the awesome MiniWave and home of the Noise ring and some really cool Joysticks. - Home of Cynthia brand modules. Many popular circuits from today and the past in the Modcan format. Nice stuff ! You can buy populated PCBs from Cynthia to put in your MOTM format behind Stooge panels. Check out the Quad Low Pass Gate, Quad Band Pass, Sawtooth Animator, and Dual Wasp Filter. - Home of the PSIM-1. IN August 2005, Brice was finally able to get caught up and ship PSIM modules.  Thanks Brice It was worth the wait. - If you are looking for some custom racks, look here. Dave, the owner, builds each rack by hand and will do custom modifications.

Sites of other MOTM users. Some have great add on products for you

Dave’s Hot Rod MOTM page Dave makes custom screened panel for MOTM
Great site to check out for modifications and module conversion to MOTM format. - Dave Hylander shows you great photos of his Blacet to MOTM
conversions. Dave is a talented guy who also builds guitars. This is where you find the popular Miniwave expander PCB. is Scott Juskiw’s site. Scott has a great looking site
with photos of his MOTM synth Darmok, sound bites, and some info about module
modifications and his own DIY PCBs for sale. Get your Miniwave expander Miniwave CV control PCBs here. - Freeware Modular Synth Layout for Windows. Currently 7 synthesizers are supported, Analogue Systems, Blacet Research, Doepfer,, MOTM, and Modcan with Cynthia supported in the same program. - Jürgen Haible’s DIY site. Possibly the
most brilliant work you will ever find. Designer of many MOTM circuits. – Howard Ulyate’s synth and studio site. Amoung other things, he has the part number listings for USA part suppliers for building Ken Stone’s Cat Girl Synth modules. – Dave Wright’ page with
photos of his MOTM and other DIY synth work. - Adam Schabtach’s site with a diary of his MOTM
synth and cabinet experience along with some tips for builders. – Tom Farrand’s
Radio-Flier Electronics page. This link goes directly to his "analog synth" pages.
Tom has put a lot of effort into a nice site that include a section on basic theory for you electronic newbies. Check it out.

Andy’s Synth Page You won’t find many sites with as many great links to DIY synth
resources. Thanks Andy ! A great site for DIYers.

Ken Tkacs’ synth page Among other things, Ken shows you how to make professional
looking panels with your home PC and printer. Awesome Ken !

David Bivins MOTM stuff The bald bastard – synth techno master.

Retrosynth Cary Roberts home page – some nice photos from AH gatherings. Cary
also has a "free" area for MOTM users and great DSS-1 disk image library.

Keith Winstanley’s synth page Photos of his modular, other synths and projects under

Attic at Vulture Squadron HQ Another place to find MOTM (and many other DIY
goodies and oddities) in a studio setting. Where did Paul B. find it all ?

MOTM music – Available music from MOTM system owners.

Other Synth DIY sites you may enjoy. I did J - Ray Wilson’s music from outer space site. Great little all-in-one Sound Lab PC available that will run on two 9-volt batteries. Cool. - A collection of great links (mostly Sound
on Sound Magazine) that really explain the elements of Analog synthesis. You will
also find the Emu Modular and Arp 2600 operating manuals. - A collection
of photos, e-mail addresses, and web page links to fellow geeked-out Synth-DIY
folks – graciously hosted by Tony Clark.
J - Scott Stites Synth
DIY site. Check out his projects.

Resonant Frequency Dave Magnuson synth site. Dave has a LOT of great links for DIY and to sites with commercial synth information.

Supplier Links you may find useful for MOTM format construction - Mouser Electronics - Part source for DIY work -Allied Electronics – Part source for DIY work - Digi-Key Electronics - Part source for DIY work -Newark Electronics - Part source for DIY work - Dee Electronics – good source for MOTM knobs cheap. - Dave has specific part numbers here you may find useful when getting MOTM compatible parts for your modular project

Aaron’s machine screws Absolutely the best place for nuts and bolts for your MOTM system. You can find all that black hardware here.

Aaron’s self-tapping screws Same deal for sheet metal screws. Yep, they have black

Penn Fabrication A great place for hardware for your MOTM and MOTM cabinets. Click here for Penn pricing information which is not shown at their web site.

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