MOTM modification page – Revised 03/03/03

From time to time, someone in the MOTM group comes up with an idea to improve
or otherwise alter due to personal preferences one of the great MOTM modules.
Here are some of my modifications.

MOTM VCO tracking modification

MOTM-300 VCO fine tune range modification

MOTM-310 VCO fine tune range modification

MOTM -110 tune up modification

MOTM-800 "B" revision update pre-January 2000 version modules - New !

If you have any suggestions or modifications for MOTM modules that you would like
to have posted here, please let me know.

And be sure to check out Scott Juskiw’s page of MOTM modifications here.

You can find information about my Blacet module modifications here:

Blacet Miniwave control voltage modifiication

Blacet Time Machine control voltage modifications

Also, be ABSOLUTELY sure to visit  Dave’s Hot Rod MOTM page and check out
his MOTM-800, Blacet Time Machine, and Dark Star mods.


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