MOTM-110 Tune-up Ė Submitted by Paul Haneberg 2/27/02

I recently received a nice note from Paul Haneberg with photos showing how he
completed his 110 tune-up with trimmers since results do clearly vary from module
to module. Thanks for sharing Paul. Here is what he sent me:


Hi Larry,
Iíve modified your 110 modification for my MOTM. Iíve added trimmers at assembly
time instead of playing around with a pot afterwards to determine values. Iíve used
100K Trimmers. I bend the leads as shown in the picture and solder the center lead
to one of the end leads. The outer leads when bent will fit in the standard resistor
holes, although they are very short. I solder to the top of the circuit board first, then
I touch up the bottom.


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