MOTM-800 update to Rev "B" – New 03/03/03

Many of us purchased our MOTM-800 modules before the January 2000 revision
which provides for full ADSR operation with a gate only and no trigger connected.
Occasionally, the question of how to update one’s MOTM-800 comes up on the
MOTM list, so I thought I would post the simple instructions here for those owners
of pre-January 2002 MOTM-800 modules.

Credit for the update goes to Paul Schreiber. Credit for the method of connecting
the parts goes to list-member Roy Tate who send me the instructions way back when.

2 parts are needed - one small signal diode like a 1N4148 and one 1K resistor along
with a short piece of hook up wire. Refer to the white boxes in the photo below.

Add the diode across R6. I just tacked mine in from the top. Be certain the cathode
(black line) is toward U2.

Attach a wire to one end of the 1K resistor. I insulated my connection with some heat
shrink. Thread the wire through a coax wire tie as shown to secure the resistor. Connect
the opposite end of the resistor to the end of R3 closest to U3. The wire connects to
the switch contact (top lug) on the trigger jack.

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