MOTM-101 construction page – New 03/10/02

Here are a few photos of a MOTM-101 Noise / Sample & Hold module during
various stages of construction. Click on the thumbnails for the real photos in a
medium (~1200) resolution:

MOTM-101 kit arrives with everything you need.

MOTM front panels are both beautiful and strong.

The MOTM-101 PCB is beautiful & a joy to solder.

Double sided PCBs have durable solder mask.

Here is how my 101 PCB looked with all resistors in place.

All of the organic soldering
of components to the PCB
is now complete.

PCB is complete with wires for all attachments.

Parts are mounted to the panel in preparation.

All done looking from the back.

Completed module. Not
only does it sound and
perform great, but it looks
super too.

PCB is attached to the front panel – ready to hook it up.

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