MOTM-390 construction page – New 01/02/03

Here are a few photos of a MOTM-390 uLFO during construction.
Click on the thumbnails for full size photos. 

Here is a MOTM-390 kit when it arrives. Everything is included right down to the right solder.

The MOTM-390 PCB is beautiful. It is a joy to solder these high quality PCBs. Here is mine now populated with resistors.

Here we see the PCB once the organic solder is complete. The board wash leaves it flux free.

Here the PCB soldering is complete. It is now time to attach it to the bracket and front panel.

But, before attaching the PCB and bracket to the panel, the front panel must be prepared by attaching the jacks.

The new bracket design is simple to attach. The bracket and front panel are sandwiched between the front and rear pot nuts.

Wire the jacks, install the knobs, and you’re done.

Here’s the front panel when finished. The 390 adds a third and different LFO package to the MOTM module family.

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