MOTM-830 construction page – New 03/10/02

Here are a few photos of a MOTM-830 mixer during various stages of construction.
Click on the thumbnails for the real photos in a medium (~1200) resolution:

The MOTM-830 kit comes complete with all you need

The 2U wide panel front
is sturdy and looks great

Nice double sided PCB

Most PCB parts are installed using washable solder for a clean PCB

The completed PCB with all the wires that connect to the off-board parts.

The panel prepared with jack. Notice I installed the shorting jumpers before mounting PCB. I found this much easier

The PCB is attached with a very sturdy mounting bracket making the module nearly indestructible.

The completed module from the back. The extra holes in the PCB around the "space for rent" are not normal.
I added those for an upcoming modification involving some LEDs

Here’s the front view when complete. Lots of great function, a neat layout, and another super MOTM addition to my synth.

Hey ! What’s this? The space for rent has just been occupied by a small PCB. Stay tuned for upcoming MOTM-830 modifications

A high quality PCB with soldermask is fun to solder


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