MOTM format 3rd party module page

This page is dedicated to assisting users with building modules and circuits from other
manufacturers into the MOTM format. Dave Bradley and I have been making MOTM
look-alike panels and PCB mounting brackets available for some time. Still, these
conversion can be difficult for those accustomed to the relative ease of fine MOTM kits.

Therefore, I have decided to write detailed instructions for these conversions as I build
my own modules. If you want instructions for a module I have not planned to include,
just buy me one and I will write them.

List of completed instructions:
Blacet Miniwave
Blacet Time Machine - updated
Blacet Klangwerks

Instructions I have planned:
Oakley Multimix
Oakley Wavefolder
Blacet Final Filter

Also, here is great link to Blacet conversions done by Dave Hylander. Dave does great work, so be sure to check out his photos. I especially like how he reduced clutter by running some of the wires under the PCBs.

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