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Dave Trenkel suggested that we should have a web page listing those in the group
that have music available that was composed using a significant portion of their MOTM
equipment. GREAT idea Dave! So, I offer the following links to help you find MOTM music by MOTM system owners. If you have CD available and would like to have your link listed here, simply drop me a line. Stooge Larry

Scott Gibbons has been recording and performing electro-acoustic music for
nearly 20 years. He currently tours with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, utilizing his MOTM
system to provide live music and sonic events for their avant-garde productions.

Strawberry is an over-the-top New Wave band that use their MOTM system
extensively, both as a synthesizer and as an effects processor (for processing
guitars, drums, vocals, etc). Information and music downloads can be found at:

Jurgen Haible Has two CDs available at his site. His newest, "Dark November"
features MOTM equipment. His earlier CD, "Of Eagles and Prophets" features
many of the circuits which which later became "MOTM-ized." Thanks to Jurgen
not only for his music but for his great MOTM design partnership with Paul.

Mike Marsh - His CD is available for purchase or trade. If you'd like a copy, send
Mike a private email for a swap of your stuff, or go to PayPal and send $13.00 to Caveat: this is a CD-R, not a pressed CD, so it must be
treated with some care.

Jeff Pontius - You can make an evaluation of your own at Ampcast where there are
6 of the songs in .mp3 that you can listen to (remember, these are in .mp3). Go to or search on "Pontius" or go to
electronica -> ambient (not sure where else to put them - this 'genre' thing drives
me nuts). Don't rely on 'ambient', make your own evaluation. If interested, Jeff is
asking for $9/cd which includes shipping in USA/Canada. E-mail
Jeff for details.

Robert Rich – find out about Robert and his music at:

Dave Trenkel has two CDs featuring MOTM - "Dark Lit" and "Wabi Dub"
Information can be found at:

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