Discount available on Miniwave PROMs – New 2/21/04

In normal Stooge fashion (which is to beat suppliers until they agree to a
discount) I have negotiated a discount for anyone who wants to buy all 6
of the Matthew Davidson PROMS that work in the Miniwave.

If you are building the expanded Miniwave, you will no doubt be looking for
some PROMs to fill up all those sockets in the Dave Hylander expander board
whether you do or do not buy my voltage control circuit on Scott Juskiw's
PCB (available soon).

I will be showing off the 10 PROM, CV controlled Miniwave at AHMW gathering
on March 20.

Six of the PROMs in my Miniwave are from Matthew Davidson. You can see what
he has to offer here:

There are two different discounts available:

Anytime you order these 6 PROMs you can get an immediate $10 discount. All
you have to is ask for the Stooge Larry discount.

In addition to that discount, if you order your PROMs in the week following
AHMW (March 20) you can get an additional $10 discount (for a total of $20).
"AHMW show special."

I am not making any money on these referrals or discounts. I just would not
quit bugging Matthew until he agreed to give our Stooge customers a discount.

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