NAMM 2003 booth photos – New 01/23/03

Here are some peeks into a few booths during the set up and the show:

Paul, taking a break from set up & Robert, tweaking the patch.

Here is one of many booth photos I shot Thursday and Friday. Seems like it was almost always full.

Paul looks out while everyone looks over Robert’s shoulder in amazement.

Robert spent hours in front of his modular just dialing in sounds. He is amazing.

Occasionally, Robert would leave and Paul had to take over the demo duty.

I was not the only one amazed with Robert’s patches as he ran the demo most of the time.

Thomas White brought his synth along for the booth demos. I got the synth photo, but somehow missed getting the owner.

Korg was celebrating 40 years. Joseph Rivers of the Synthesizer Museum brought up a few pieces also to show off for Korg.

Here are some more of those Korg classics I am sure you will recognize.

Here is something I did not even know existed. This is an "educational" version of the MS-20. Apparently a quantity of 200 or so were sold to a special order in Europe. But, only a few were ever sold in the US.

Roland spent a few bucks on their booth. Well, I’m not sure "booth" is an accurate description.

Even the great Dr. Moog himself was there helping with booth preparation. Hey! Is that a soldering iron?

The Moog booth was always buzzing. What a treat to have the real "Moog Music" back.

Dr. Moog was not always at the booth. But he was there quite a bit. Kevin Lightner helped out with demos for the Voyager.

Doepfer had a large system on display. I stopped in mostly to play with the Ribbon controller (which I did not think to photograph) Duh!

In the Doepfer booth were these Vermona modules. His booth was jam packed with gear. His stuff looks nice. But, like Blacet, he has such a small format.

Mike Peake brought his Selector modular to the Analog Systems booth. This synth is featured in Mike’s winning piece in the recent AH contest. I think this is the "choir" patch.

The Analog Systems modular packs a lot of modular in a little space. The cabinets are absolutely beautiful. It seems to be the best of class in the frac rack size format.

Analog Systems has this small system size cabinet with and without keyboard.

Eric Barbor’s tube synth modules were also on display in the Analog Systems booth. If you really like tubes…


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