NAMM 2003 people pictures – New 01/23/03

Here are a few of us posing to show how happy we were to be at NAMM. My
apologies to all the nice people that I met that are unintentionally excluded
from my photos. I have no good excuse other than I am a Stooge.

Proud papa of MOTM synths Paul S. & Scott Rider (old crow) planning his booth visit strategy.

Finally, I get to meet Robert Rich. Now, if I can just make it to one of his concerts.

Scott takes the obligatory pose by the synth. Much of his work resides in the MOTM system.

Our MOTM friend and sound designer Russell Brower. I was lucky enough to get a copy of his game sound track CD for Black Hawk Down. Great stuff !

Paul and Russell. Now, there are some smiles.

And, I finally get to meet Cynthia -- that wonderful lady behind Cynthia modules. She brings many nice circuits to the Modcan format.

Robert takes his pose in front of his monster patch. Hat’s off Robert. You had MOTM sounding good.

Robert poses with Terry and Cathy Ahrens, our MOTM list friends. Come on Terry! Let your beautiful wife solder a module. J

I strike a pose with Terry and Cathy. MOTM - not only a synth, but a community of friends.

Roger Powell came by Friday afternoon. It was great to meet such a talented guy with so much synth experience. And, he’s a
nice guy too boot.

Wow! Wow! Buchla himself. He checks out MOTM and Robert’s patch.

Crow and Robert enjoy some time with a legend.


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