NAMM 2003 – New 01/23/03

Wow! This was my very first trip to Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA. What a blast!
I had a great time and was glad I spent the money to go. The highlight for me was
getting to meet so many nice people that I have corresponded with over the years.
And, I met a few nice folks that were new to me. Being a very small part of the
SynthTech support team was fun too. And, it was heart warming to see Dr. Moog’s
booth with "Moog Music" up on the banners instead of "Big Briar."

I really should have done a better job of checking out all the gear. But, I was too
awestruck by the experience to stay in one place too long. I managed to look at
every booth just to get a feel for the diversity of the entire experience.

I have three photo pages with over 40 photos. I did miss getting some people
photos I wanted. So, no one was excluded for any reason other than my poor
attention to what I was doing. Enjoy J

Booth photos

Modules & stuff

Some of the people


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