Shipping the NAMM cabinet – New 12/08/02

Here is a collection of photos that shows the packaging and work that went into
preparing the two NAMM cabinets for shipping. It took me four hours to complete
this packing job. The material alone for the packaging cost $155.00. So, if you ever
wonder why almost no one is in the walnut cabinet business or why it cost so darn
much to get them shipped, maybe this will help your understanding. This experience
is one of the reasons I decided that cabinet kits for user assembly would be a darn
good idea.
Click on the small photos for the full size version.

Well, cardboard boxes alone are just not good enough to protect this precious cargo. So, 3 sheets of ¼" plywood were in order. If you don’t own a pick-up, you have to improvise and look like a hick like I did.

The best start is 3 layers of good bubble wrap. I got this stuff in 75 foot rolls from U-line. This is ½" thick about 1" diameter bubbles. Inside is the lower slant cabinet.

One has to learn to recycle. Here the empty box from the bubble wrap serves as a cover for the open front to support yet more bubble wrap. And, I used extra bubble wrap on one side to try and square out the cabinet slant some.

What else? More bubble wrap. I am adding bubble wrap to make the size match the actual box size.

Here is where the plywood comes into the picture. The plywood is cut about ½ inch smaller than the actual inside dimensions of the box. I had to add some peanuts to fill in the rest of the slant void.

Yep. The plywood covers all 6 sides. One has to assume the shipper is not going to be kind to our treasure.

The whole assembly slips right in the box, ready for the last plywood end.

And finally, the box is sealed and is ready for its long voyage. I looked at a lot of box options including having boxes custom made. I finally settled on these wardrobe moving boxes from U-line for 2 reasons. First, they are 275 lb test instead of 200. And, U-line sells these packs of 3 instead of 10-packs like most boxes.

OK. We are on to the top straight cabinet. Except for the depth, it is the same size as the lower cabinet. My boxes are identical. Here we go -- 3 layers of bubble wrap.

Once again, I am recycling the U-line bubble wrap box to provide a solid surface for the open front. Otherwise, the bubble wrap has nothing much to cushion blows to the center rail.

More bubble wrap. You just cannot have too much. I used about 215 feet to wrap these 2 cabinets. I also had to add some "spacing" boxes filled with peanuts since this cabinet is smaller than the lower cabinet.

Once again, the entire package is enclosed in the protective plywood.

When I wrapped this one in the plywood, I was about ½ inch small on one side. That was easily filled with…… more bubble wrap.

That’s the whole story. The happy ending is the cabinets arrived in California 2 days later undamaged.

NAMM, here we come !

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