Oakley Parts Supplier Information page – Updated 04/07/03

This page is dedicated to the development of a list of specific catalog part numbers
for USA suppliers of parts needed for the construction of Oakley synth modules.
As kit builders are kind enough to share part number information with me, I will format
the information and make it available here for everyone. Please take a little of your
time to mail
me with the source and catalog numbers of parts you have located for
your Oakley modules. This page depends on user contributions.

For those looking for parts list in the UK, here is a good place to find them:
Thanks Andy.

Here is the list of modules from Tony’s website. I am not familiar with all projects.
So, I need user feedback to cut the list back to only what is needed.

Filtrex-1 Analogue Filter Rack

3031 Enhanced Bassline Synthesiser

tbDAC midi-CV convertor for the TB3030 and 3031 (still need data)

Orbital Three VCO powerful monosynth (Coming very soon) (still need data)

The Oakley Modular Series

ADSR/VCA An ADSR envelope generator and VCA in one

Dizzy Power distribution board (still need data)

EFG Envelope Follower, Gate Extractor and Pre-amp in one

EG AD/AR Envelope Generator

Equinoxe VC phaser

Little LFO Wonderful little low frequency oscillator

Little-Lag Simple 'up/down' lag generator

MultiMix Three way mixer for DC and audio

MultiLadder filter

midiDAC2 midi to CV convertor

Mixer Audio/CV Mixer and Output Module (still need data)

Noise Analogue noise and filtering module (still need data)

OMS-410 Companion Module for the Synthtech MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter

OMS-820 Companion Module for the Synthtech MOTM-820 Voltage controlled lag processor

Ring Modulator Coming April 2003

SuperLadder2 Moog & 303 style filter

State Variable Filter Two pole multimode voltage controlled filter

Sample and Hold – New 4/7/03

WaveFolder A VC waveshaper for Modular Synthesisers

VCO for classic analogue power

VCA for clean control of DC and audio

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