Oakley EG parts list – New 6/21/02

This is the same parts list that appears at the Oakley site. Since it is a USA source,
I posted it here also.

List submitted by Gary Spieker.

I haven't included the LED on here. Also, I substituted the BC549B Transistor
for the BC550C because Mouser no longer stocks the 550. Also, your choice of
connector may vary. I believe all this information to be correct, but no warranty
is expressed or implied. (By the way, Mouser can be found at www.mouser.com)

2 ea. ME271-22 1% Resistor 22R

2 ea. ME271-100 1% Resistor 100R

1 ea. ME271-390 1% Resistor 390R

2 ea. ME271-1K 1% Resistor 1K

1 ea. ME271-3.3K 1% Resistor 3.3K

2 ea. ME271-10K 1% Resistor 10K

2 ea. ME271-22K 1% Resistor 22K

7 ea. ME271-100K 1% Resistor 100K

1 ea. ME271-220K 1% Resistor 220K

1 ea. ME271-1M 1% Resistor 1 Meg

2 ea. 140-XRL25V22 22uf 25V Cap.

1 ea. 140-50S5-101J 100pf Ceramic Cap.

2 ea. 140-PF1H104K 100nf Poly Cap.

1 ea. 140-XRL25V470 470 uf 25V Cap.

2 ea. 581-10K16V 10uf 16V Cap.


2 ea. 581-15K16V 15uf 16V Cap.

1 ea. 583-1N4148 Diode 1N4148

2 ea. 625-1N4001 Diode 1N4001

1 ea. 625-1N5237B 8.2V Zener 1N5237B

5 ea. 333-BC549B Xistor BC549B

1 ea. 333-BC560 Xistor BC560

1 ea. 511-TL072ACN Opamp

1 ea. 511-NE556 Dual Timer

1 ea. 571-6404564 MTA100 Connector.

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