Stooge Panel pricing information page – New 05/20/03

All panel printing is priced out at our exact cost ! Yes, you heard me right ! Dave and
I make our profit in the metal mark up. So, we make exactly the same profit on each
panel whether it sells 20 or it is a one-of a kind DIY beauty.

Here are the costs we pay for screens and film positives to launch a new panel design:
1U = $19.00, 2U = $25.00, 3U = $37.00

The other fixed cost is $20 per panel set-up fee each time a panel is printed and $4
per panel to pay for the printing, transportation to and from the printer, and other misc.

Our price for painted metal panels to be screened is $12 for 1U, $18 for 2U, and
$23 for 3U. We do not sell blank painted metal. Paul already offers these for sale.
We do not wish to compete.

Here are some examples of how that works out with for 2U panel:

For a 2U existing design
If we sell only 1 the price is:
$20 set up
$ 4 printing
$18 metal
$42 each (ouch)

For a 2U existing design
If we sell 2 the price is:
$20 set up
$ 8 printing
$36 metal
$64 or $32 each (not too bad)

But, if we sell 10,
they sell for:
$20 set up
$40 printing
$180 metal
$240 or $24 each (cheap!)

For new designs, simply add the screen cost into the formula. In the example for two
2U panels above (center) the new panel price looks like this:
$25 new screen fee
$20 set up
$ 8 printing
$36 metal
$89 or $44.50 each (not too bad)

If you order a panel and are the only one, resulting in a higher than anticipated price, we
will certainly give you the opportunity to cancel that order and wait for the next round
hoping someone else will want to join you in that round of orders.

For new designs that we plan to offer,Dave does all the artwork and that is included
in the price. We are happy to accept your own artwork for your DIY panels. We need
submissions to be in Corel Draw, version 7.0 or prior. If you want Dave to do the
artwork for your new DIY design, he can do that. He charges a reasonable fee of
around $15.

Obviously, the economy of quantity is the way we keep prices reasonable and the
reason we order these in groups only a couple of times a year at most.

Please contact me Larry Hendry or Dave Bradley if you have any questions about these
Stooge panels.

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