Paypal payment issues – Updated 3/29/02

For the convenience of those who wish to purchase some of the DIY material I offer,
I upgraded my Paypal account to a business account so I could accept overseas and
credit card orders via Paypal. When I did so, I was under the impression that
credit card and overseas orders would be subject to the fees. However, now that I
have upgraded,
ALL transactions are subject to the Paypal fees. Now, I do not believe
it is fair to raise prices for everyone to cover these fees. Therefore, I will assess a fee
equal to the Paypal service charge on every order that is paid through the Paypal

3/29 Update – Paypal has changed their fee structure. No longer will international
users be charged the 3% fee when you use your credit card. To make up for it, they
have added another 1% fee to the sellers for international orders. So, you guys will
be saving money. But you will notice the fee I pass along is slightly higher.

Now, passing on these fees is clearly in violation of Paypal terms of service. I don’t
care. I am doing what I think is fair. They won’t find out unless someone buying from
me complains. Then, they will cancel my Paypal account. So, if you don’t want to be
charged the Paypal fee, then realize I will accept your personal check in US dollars.

Thanks for understanding.
Stooge Larry

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