SKB pop up 2U tall power supply prototype

New: This style 2U panel is now available for sale for your SKB pop up:
SKB pop up case power supply panel

Well, I needed a power supply to temporarily feed my upper wood cabinet, since
I am still waiting for my lower wood cabinet from the cabinet maker (the lower
cabinet will have my power supply). So, I took a 1.5 amp per rail power supply
I had laying around, a switch, a fuse holder, a Neutrik 4 conductor speak-on
connector (the official MOTM power connector BTW), stooge 3U bracket, and
a 900 PCB and I whipped up a power supply wired and ready to go on a 2U high
rack panel (steel). The design is really made to fit a SKB case and fill in the bottom
two rows. It has enough power for multiple SKB cases. Hence the connector for
additional cabinets. The idea was to put some mults above the power supply
internal distribution PCB. That would be handy in a SKB case so you don’t need
a separate mult panel. I would say there is room for two 4x mults. I also left room
below the fuse and lighted switch for an AC cord connector. However, for my use,
I wanted the power cord out the back. Anyhow, I thought I would share photos:

While it may appear that I am trying to take power from the sense lines in this photo, that
is not the case. This supply was "removed from equipment" when I got it and the remote
sense lines were tied to the outputs. Of course, these are for remote sensing, but having
them hooked locally is not a problem, but also not required. So, with the "sense" lines
and output pots bonded together at the power supply, I was able to take advantage of the
"extra" connectors. Starting from new this is not the way I would have wired it. Just FYI

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