Ribbon Controller Project – Updated 10/04/02

Submitted by: Charles Osthelder

This collection of reports describes the work-in-progress of a ribbon control device for
use with analog synthesizers. All of the materials are readily available and obtainable
for reasonable cost. The assembly is time consuming, but not terribly difficult.

It is possible to purchase a 30" length of the resistive webbing in the form of a Desco
brand, ESD heel cuff. The model number is 17250. Check out their website at
www.desco.com for more information. Any static protection device would probably
have this material, as well. If you have access to a heel or sole cuff, and it has a nylon
web that is to go into your shoe, measure the resistance of the length of that webbing.
It should be about 20 kilohms per foot.

This project would certainly have been an utter failure without the help of my mom and
dad, Joan and Robert Osthelder. They help with an awful lot of my rather esoteric little
projects and are happy to do so. Both are very talented and intelligent individuals, as
well as wonderful parents.

PDF file # 1 ~ 326 K

PDF file # 2 ~ 288 K

PDF file # 3 ~ 937 K - New!


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