SKB pop-up mixer case back – SOLD OUT

I’m sorry. These backs are sold out. They were very slow sellers and I do not
know if I will be making more. If you really want one, ask to be put on my waiting list.
If I get enough interest on the waiting list, I will run them again.  But, I must have a
pretty good size minimum order to make this happen.

One of the great things about MOTM modules is they will fit into pop-up SKB mixer
cases for the ultimate in portable modular. However, when the case is open, all your
circuit boards are exposed to potential damage. The solution is a metal back that
covers up and protects your precious MOTM modules and gives your portable
MOTM / SKB synth a real professional appearance. I am pleased to announce that
one of my back-burner projects to make these backs available is now complete.
My SKB pop-up case backs are now in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
They are constructed from 20 gauge steel and have a professional and durable
black powdercoat. Here are some new photos with the black powdercoat.
Click on the thumbnails for full size photos:

Here is how the SKB back looks from the front with most modules removed. The beautiful black powdercoat blends right in.

Here is the back view. Your MOTM module PCBs are completely protected from accidental impact. The two lower rack spaces are not covered since use will vary between users for this left over space. I have my power supply inserted here. If there is sufficient interest, I plan to make a 2U high front panel to retrofit the MOTM 900 power supply. Drop
me a line if you are interested.

Here is your side view. Looks great in the photo, better in person.

The back nests inside when flat.

Cutouts in the back and optional top allow the case back to just clear the internal tabs so the SKB case can close with the back attached.

All you need is a Phillips screwdriver to mount your back and attach the top. The back attaches to the SKB case with the SKB case hardware. Then, the top attaches with supplied screws. Takes 5 minutes tops to attach your back.

From the front rail, you can see that SKB clip nuts are installed 2 holes away from your rack rails for mounting. The SKB back can attach with up to 8 screws. I found 4 were plenty for the task.

Of course, after your back is installed, you will want my beautiful black end caps to complete that professional look.

I did lighten some of the photos as the black finish makes it hard to see detail. I have
another page of photos
here if you care to look at the bare metal backs as they
appeared before the black powdercoat was applied.

Backs are priced at $25 each. Optional tops / bottoms are $5 each. Black attachment
screws for top are included. Shipping varies because of the new postal rates on priority
mail. The shipping price includes the cost of the shipping boxes. Packaging material is
all recycled and therefore free.

USA - East coast: $ 20.00
USA - Midwest: $14.00
USA - South and Plains $19.00
USA - West coast $ 22.00

A second back & top can be shipped in the same box for only $3.00 more (USA only).

Overseas shipping is by quote only. However, as an example, to Sweden the price
was $52.00.

Send me e-mail if you have questions, or wish to order.

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