SKB pop-up mixer case back – Revised 11/26/02

The photos of my SKB pop-up case backs with their beautiful black powdercoat finish
are somewhat hard to see. Here are some photos taken before the black powdercoat
was applied that may make it easier for you to see the metal construction. However,
I do not sell the backs in a bare metal version
Click on the thumbnails for full size photos:

Here is how your pop-up looks when open with the back. None of your MOTM module PCBs are exposed or visible (that’s my power supply at the bottom). Of course, the final product will be black.

Here it is, folded flat for transport. The back does not interfere with, or require any modification of the SKB pop-up case. You attach it, and forget it.



The SKB case has inside tabs to hold the frame when folded. This back has cutouts that match these tabs for trouble free operation.

Mounting the back is easy. In fact, you use the standard hardware supplied with the SKB case. Then the back can be easily removed in 1 minute without removing modules. Or, you can get longer screws and put nuts on the back. Holes are provided for either.

No room is lost inside for your MOTM. The back takes up less than 1/16 inch of your inside space.

The SKB back is shown with an optional top. Here you can see that attaching the top is easy. The holes are perfectly sized for a # 6 sheet metal screw (supplied with each top) The only tool you will need is a screwdriver. The tops can also be used to close the bottom if you choose.

Here’s the view from the back. Sure it’s not as cool looking as all those beautiful MOTM PCBs. But, you can sure feel safe with the extra protection.

Backs are priced at $25 each. Optional tops / bottoms are $5 each. For ordering and shipping detail along with photos of the black powdercoat finished backs, go here.

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