MOTM Userís Corner Ė Updated 12/06/02

This area of my web site is a free area for any and all MOTM users to make their work
available for all to download. "What kind of work?" you ask. It doesnít matter. If you are
a MOTM user and have something to share with others but donít have a website, your
stuff is welcome here. Some will have DIY synth projects. Some may have music.
Others may have that neat case plan and photos. Each userís contributions will be
separated onto their own page(s). Here is the list:

Richard Brewster - cabinet conversion
Richard Brewster - New! - DIY mixer / comparator project
Joseph Casbarian
Scott Juskiw - Photos of Darmok
Mark Media
Charles McQuillan

Additionally, Cary Roberts has made space available at for MOTM
users to post their photos and such. I offer you the following convenient links to hook
up with MOTM user files at

Dave Bradley (aka Moe)
Mark Scetta

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