Mark Media’s Corner – Updated 06/04/01

Mark started working with sound at the age of thirteen -- running PA's for High School
bands. Since then, working in clubs, theatres, and studios, as well as producing his own
electronic music, he learned one of the most desirable aspects in audio equipment is
interconnectivity. One has to connect the equipment together in order for it to work,
and the mechanical reliability of those connections is as important as the gear itself.
Interconnectivity is one of the great things about MOTM. Not only is it a modular system
within itself -- it can be used to control and process signals from other gear. While no
mechanical standard is more convenient than the 1/4" Switchcraft jacks used on the
MOTM system, here are two electronic circuits that may increase its usefulness with
other gear."

10 volt AC peak to peak to 0-5 volt DC converter

Trigger differentiator

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